A little washed-out install moment at #bungalow35inaustin ... and if that wallpaper looks familiar it’s because it is - the beauty of generous clients who know each other ... #houstonhousedoneaustinstyle gifted this family their extra wallpaper as a house warming gift 🙏🏼👊🏼❤️

When I met this ottoman - wearing the sweetest vintage fabric - on a buying trip, it was like meeting a new friend who had just the personality to perk up this dark painted den. Welcome to your new home little buddy. #personificationoffurniture #houstonhousedoneaustinstyle #lizmacphailinteriors #ciscobrothers

Thank you @searspeytongallery and @shelleyreedart ... our client’s sweet surprise for his wife’s birthday went off without a hitch. #helpingmarriagesthroughdesign #lizmacphailinteriors #originalartwork #originalvintagelightswitch

The dust is still settling. Light fixtures are on a truck somewhere. But the wallpaper is in and that’s just how it rolls on install day 1 at #houstonhousedoneaustinstyle #lizmacphailinteriors #kidsplayroom

And then the new @syd_furniture table, a study in simplicity and subtle refinement, met its more mature, recently face-lifted, but embarrassingly under-dressed partner. #furniturepersonification #oldmeetsnew #houstonhousedoneaustinstyle

Been looking for THE pine cabinet for a project I haven’t shared about on here yet —but has already been in the works for over a year now. We’ve been searching and trying to be patient, and then BAM - love at first sight. Big plans for this guy. Stay tuned. #bartonrileyinthehills #hpmkt #lizmacphailinteriors

It’s just as well this chair landed in someone else’s house. I’d never leave it. #kidsroom #luckiestnineyearold #readingchairenvy #lakeaustinhouse #lizmacphailinteriors @hivemodern @designwithinreach

I broke my toe and the dr prescribed rest. So I painted my office trim, installed new window treatments and rearranged. Plus added more finds from Marburger. @dinnerpartyantiques do you see them?! Back left corner. And @stephlovesfluff 😍 #lizmacphailinteriors #globalheadquarters

Floating top oak table I designed and @mockingbirdmadedesign crafted with a little #moooilighting like leaves on a tree ... all over-looking leaves on trees. #crappyiphonepics #lizmacphailinteriors #lakeaustinhouse

Some clients are really crap with plants and I’ve had to send in Plant Protective Services to rehouse them. But others are TOO good at plants. This guy is feeling so loved he’s hit the ceiling after only three months here.

In Houston for a couple days to kick-off a new project for a sweet family ... I’m sad to see them leave Austin but happy to be a part of the team that makes this house even home-ier. #lizmacphailinteriors #houstonhousedoneaustinstyle